Treated Red Dates and Walnut Maltose (5802)

Treat aging, hot temper, forgetfulness, tired looking of menopausal women

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Treated Red Dates and Walnut Maltose


Aging, hot temper of menopausal women, forgetfulness, tired looking.


Improve complexion, tranquilize the mind, improve memory, tonify blood, and relieve anxiety.

INGREDIENTS: (a few servings)

  • Treated and cooked red date 黑棗- 500gm
  • Walnut 胡桃肉 - 500gm
  • Maltose 麥芽糖 - 250gm
  • Honey - 120gm

 1.   Rinse dates, remove seed and cut into smaller pieces.

2.   Rinse walnut and cut up into small pieces.

3.   Mix the two in honey and add in maltose.

4.   Mix well and put into glass tray and keep inside the refrigerator. When become firm, cut into small blocks.  


Eat regularly as snack. Best to take 60gm of this snack one hour before bedtime. Continue for one to two months to see significant improvements in skin, look and memory.

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