Oyster Noodle (4402)

Act on kidneys to produce bone marrow, energy and blood

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Oyster Noodle


Blood deficiency syndrome of osteoporosis, constipation with hard stool, dizziness, dry lips and mouth, fatigue, fever, blurred vision, muscle spasm, pale complexion, and insomnia.


Act on kidneys to produce bone marrow, energy and blood.


  • Chinese cornbind (ho shou wu) 何首烏 - 10gm
  • Fresh oysters -100gm
  • Rice noodle - 50gm
  • Salt, soy sauce or miso

1.   Cook cornbind with 3 cups of water over medium low heat and boil down to 1 cup of tea and strain.

2.   Cook rice noodle in hot water for a few minutes and put noodle through cold water bath and drain.

3.   Wash oysters a few times, and then use a spoon of salt and then a spoon of corn starch to wash it again. Rinse clean and drain.  

4.   Re-boil cornbind tea, add oyster and bring to slow boil. Add noodle and seasoning to serve.


Eat as or with meal. No restriction.

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