Postnatal Problems

Natural and herbal remedy recipes for treating postnatal problems

Relieve Postnatal Problems 

Giving child birth and becoming a new mother can be the most exhausting experience for many women. Immediately following the trauma and pain of delivery, the new responsibility of taking care of the baby leaves little time for new mothers to rest, recover and take care of themselves.

During the postnatal period, the woman's body is going through enormous changes to recover and to support lactation. The body is still weak and is highly vulnerable to illnesses. Good diet with proper nutritional support is vital for this time period. Lacking the appropriate care can lead to post partum hemorrhage, depression and fatigue. For women going on diet to lose weight immediately after child birth are weakening their body constitution which can lead to life long health problems. 

Chinese believe woman's body is like a sponge after child birth. It can absorb large amount of nutrients extremely well to replenish the losses and to improve overall health. It can even heal old or chronic health problems if given the right nutritional treatments after giving birth. That is why in Chinese culture, the first month after child birth is called the "sitting month". Professional helpers or family members will be recruited to come in to help with household chores and taking care of the baby so that the new mother can rest well. Besides, specialty nutritional foods are prepared for the new mother to nourish blood, promote blood circulation, dispel postpartum 'wind' from the abdomen, replenish 'qi' and get rid of blood stasis. For those women who did observed proper post-natal care are found to stay younger than those who did not. This is perhaps the best kept secret of why Chinese women can stay younger than their western friends.

Common ingredients used in specialty foods are ginger, chicken, pig trotter, wine, vinegar, fish, wood-ear mushroom, angelica root, goji-berries and dates. Cold foods and drinks or raw foods are strictly prohibited because they can weaken the digestive system and cause stomach pain. Special care is given to avoiding cold because cold virus can go deep inside the body which can lead to chronic illnesses and will be most difficult to treat.

All Postnatal Problems Recipes:

Black Wood-ear and Chicken Soup (5901)

Clear blood blockages

Black Beans, Dates and Fish Soup (5902)

Treat blood and qi deficiency after child birth leading to lack of energy and weak digestion

Dangshen Astragulus & Pig Trotter Soup (5903)

Promote blood and energy and help to promote lactation

Dang-gui Wolf-berry and Lamb Liver Soup (5904)

Treat general weakness after giving birth causing dizziness and clouded vision

Papaya, Dried Octopus and Pig Trotter Soup (5905)

Promote the production of milk and strengthen the body

Lotus Root, Dried Octopus and Pig Trotter Soup (5906)

Promote blood and qi and improve the production of milk

Longan Fruit and Pigeon Soup (5907)

Treat deficiency of kidney function after childbirth resulting in swollen limbs and face and poor blood circulation

Dang Shen and Quail Soup (5908)

Treat weakness especially after giving birth

Dang-gui and Egg Soup (5909)

Treat deficient blood and qi, pale and dizziness after giving birth

Dang-gui Pig Kidney Soup (5910)

Treat extreme weakness after childbirth with cold/flu like symptoms

Black Meat Chicken Soup (5911)

Treat general weakness after childbirth, pale looking and lack of energy, headache

Astragalus Eel Soup (5912)

Treat heavy flow of after childbirth discharge leading to blood and qi deficiency

Astragalus, Chinese Cornbind and Frog Soup (5913)

Treat after childbirth weakness with bloated body, frequent and scanty urine, profuse sweating

Dang-gui Mutton Soup (5914)

Treat blood and qi deficiency after childbirth with wind cold attack resulting in abdominal pain, dizziness and anemia