Thyroid and Endocrine Disorder

Natural and herbal remedy recipes for treating thyroid and endocrine disorder

 Thyroid and Endocrine Disorder


The endocrine system is a network of glands that secrete hormones to support our body systems in growth and development, metabolism, reproduction, internal balance and stress responses. The endocrine system completes these tasks through its network of glands: hypothalamus, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenal, pancreas, ovaries and testes. These glands produce different types of hormones that evoke a specific response in other organs located throughout the body. The endocrine system relies on blood and blood vessels to transmit information and deliver hormones to its destination. Any slight misstep in the process can cause problems leading to common illnesses such as thyroid disorder, diabetes, osteoporosis, infertility, menopausal disorder and obesity, etc.

To prevent endocrine disorder, the right amount of hormones must be produced, blood supply must be strong to transport the hormones throughout the body and there must be enough receptors to respond to the hormonal signal.

Western medicine treatments use hormones replacement therapy to fill the deficiencies and use drug to suppress the excesses. Tampering with this complex network of glands and hormones production is dangerous. Sometimes the long-term adverse effects can out-weight the temporary benefits. HRT treatment for menopausal women is a good example. It was only found after 30 years of common application that HRT increases heart disease.

Causes for endocrine disorder

It can be due to organs malfunction, toxins from polluted environment, poor diet, poor health, emotional problems, lack of restful sleep and mismanagement of health such as:

1. Extreme diet for weight loss

For people on extreme diet for weight loss especially during summer months (the time for rapid growth), they are stressing and depriving their body of balanced nutrition which can lower their immune function and disrupt the normal production of hormones. Over consumption of fruits and vegetables can flood the body with too much sugar and deprive the body of other necessary nutrients for making hormones.

2. Too little sun exposure 

Many people are over protecting themselves from the sun and are missing out on all the health benefits from direct sun exposure. The natural body responses of producing vitamin D, browning and perspiration are some integral parts of the whole body function. When the body is not operating fully, it can result in sluggishness, abnormality and incoherence.  

3. Use of contraceptive

Contraceptive is synthetic hormones to disrupt the natural function of reproductive hormones and system. Over time, it can cause long-term dysfunction. It is much safer to use other forms of birth control.  

4. Over use of hormones

Long term use of hormone replacement can shut off the body’s natural mechanism in producing and regulating hormonal balance. Since our body's internal condition changes continuously, changing to the right dosage accordingly and in time is not easy. Over dosage can cause new problems.  

The best approach to prevent and treat endocrine disorder is to find possible causes for treatment. Drug should only be used as temporary fixes and should be discontinued as soon as possible.

Chinese medicine treats endocrine disorder by improving the patient’s constitution and general wellness, promoting blood flow, expelling toxins to clear obstructions and treating the deficient organ functions. All these are done through natural foods and herbs with no side effects.

Thyroid problems

Thyroid problems are among the most common medical conditions and are commonly being misdiagnosed. Thyroid produces hormones that affect our body's metabolism and energy level. Hypothyroidism is on the rise with symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and hair, feeling cold, constipation and lack of energy. Hyperthyroidism occurs when the body's immune system over-stimulates the thyroid. Symptoms are increased nervousness, rapid heart beat, weight loss, exhaustion, frequent bowel movements and bulging of the eyes, etc. Using medicine to treat the two extreme conditions is a very tricky balancing act. It is not uncommon to find patients going through roller coaster ride between the two extremes and have to be on medication for life.

Chinese medicine sees thyroid problems as hot stomach, liver qi stagnancy with liver fire, phlegm retention and blood stasis, liver-kidney yin deficiency and deficiency of energy and yin. Principal treatments are regulating qi, resolving phlegm and softening the hard masses, promoting blood circulation, purging liver fire, and nourishing yin.


Effective for hypothyroidism; reduce blood pressure, asthma attacks and coughing; soften hardness; promote water flow and weight loss.


Eliminate mucus; promote water and food passage; relieve swollen testes; lower blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol; use for treating colon and breast cancer, edema and thyroid.



All Thyroid and Endocrine Disorder Recipes:

Middle-ear Imbalance Drink (6101)

Treat middle-ear Imbalance

Lo-han Fruit Drink (6102)

Treat swelling of lymph glands

Lower Hyperactive Thyroid Tea (6103)

Treat hyperthyroidism with yin deficiency and internal heat

Improve Hypothyroid Tea (6104)

Treat hypothyroidism, lack of energy, pale looking, insomnia, impatient and feeling unease

Balance Thyroid Tea (6105)

Balance thyroid function

Lower Hyperactive Thyroid Congee (6106)

Treat weight loss, tired, lack of sleep and protruding eye balls

Vinegar Kelp Salad (6107)

Treat swollen thyroid gland leading to stagnant energy and bloating of adornment

Kelp and Pork Ribs Soup (6108)

Treat high blood pressure, bloating, hardening of artery, swollen thyroid gland or toxic drug reaction

Seaweed & White Turnip Soup (6109)

Clear phlegm, clear accumulation of cysts or nodules, increase iodine for normal thyroid function

Kelp and Dried Oyster Soup (6110)

Treat thyroid deficiency

Seaweed, Turnip and 3 Herbs Soup (6111)

Treat deficiency syndrome of hyperthyroidism:

Seaweed & Tofu Soup (6112)

Treat swelling of thyroid gland, cough with phlegm, bad breath

Seaweed Dried Shrimp and Egg Soup (6113)

Treat swollen lymph or thyroid, constipation, lack of appetite