Nourishing Duck Soup (1827)

Recipe for anti-aging, forever young, benefit stomach, kidney and lung

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Nourishing Duck Soup




Strengthens stomach and kidney, and nourishes lungs.


  • Duck - one whole
  • Chinese Yam (shan yao) 淮山 - 6 to 8 piieces (about 30gm)
  • Fox Nut (qian shi) 芡實 - one handful
  • Solomon's Seal (yu ju) 玉竹 - one handful
  • Radix Glehniae (bei sha shen) 北沙參 - one handful
  • Ginger - 2 slices
  • Citrus Peel (chen-pi) 陳皮 - one piece (soaked and with white tissue scraped and removed)

1.   Wash duck, cut into quarters, remove skin and fat and put in boiling water to cook for about 3 to 5 minutes. Remove and rinse.

2.   Soak all herbs together for about 30 minutes. Rinse clean.

3.   Put all ingredients in a soup pot with about 2.5 litres of water. Bring to boil, remove foam and reduce heat to simmer for 3 hours.

4.   Add salt to taste and serve. Eat some content with soup.


Can be taken regularly (once a week) all year round. It is recommended as a regular tonic to nourish the vital organs.

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