Cornbind Pork/Beef Hock Soup (1820)

Recipe for anti-aging, forever young, promote circulation, improve bone

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Cornbind Pork/Beef Hock Soup


Deficient blood and energy, headache, dizziness, graying hair, yellowish complexion and tired looking, painful knees and loins.


Tonify liver and kidney, promote circulation, dissolve clots, nourish sinews and bones, and improve blood and qi.


  • Beef / pork hock 牛/ 豬展 - 960gm
  • Cornbind (ho shou wu) 何首烏 - 80gm
  • Indian bread (fu ling) 茯苓 - 40gm
  • Achyranthes (niu xi) 牛膝 - 20gm
  • Red date - 4

1.  Wash beef / pork and cut into large pieces. Put meat in boiling water to boil for 3 to 5 minutes, remove and rinse.

2.  Rinse other ingredients and put everything in a soup pot with adequate water (2 to 3 liters). Bring to a boil. remove foam, reduce heat and simmer for 3 hours.

3.  Add seasoning to serve. Eat some meat with soup.  


Not suitable when having flu.


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