Clear Vision Tea (1805)

Recipe for anti-aging, forever young, improve eye sight

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Clear Vision Tea


Too much screen time causing dry and astringent eyes with blurred vision.


Clear liver fire syndrome with redness, swelling pain in the eyes; clear heat and toxic materials; improve eye sight.  


  • Chrysanthemum (ju hua) 菊花 – 15gm (one large handful)
  • Goji-berry/Chinese Wolfberry (gou ji zi) 枸杞子 – 20gm (one small handful)

1.  Soak goji-berries in warm water for 15 minutes. Rinse until water is clear and drain.

2.  Put chrysanthemum in a tea pot, pour in boiling water and let it soak for 2 minutes. Pour out and discard the water.

3.  Put boiling water in the tea pot again, cover with lid and let it stand for 10 minutes.

4.  Put goji-berries in a cup, pour chrysanthemum tea into the cup, drink tea and eat the goji-berries.  


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