Fennel Pig Liver Soup (1826)

Recipe for anti-aging, forever young, suppress cystic growth

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Fennel Pig Liver Soup




Maintain youthfulness, delay aging, and suppress cystic growth.


  • Pig liver - one
  • Soybean - one large handful
  • Cinnamon bark (rou qui) 肉桂- 15gm (tonic for yang-energy; acts on liver, kidneys, spleen; stimulant; warming; analgesic)
  • Fennel (hui xiang) 茴香 - 20gm (Regulates and balances qi; acts on liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach; expels cold and alleviate pain; regulates stomach energy; for fullness in abdomen or vomiting)
  • Ginger - 2 slices

1.   Soak soybean for at least 2 hours and rinse.

2.   Wash and cut liver into thin pieces.

3.   Rinse herbs and put in a pot with soybeans to cook over medium high heat for 1 hour. Add ginger first and then liver and cook for about 5 minutes fo liver just done.

4.   Add seasoning to serve. Eat liver with soup.


Can be taken once a week all year round but not more than once a month for people with high cholesterol.

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