Red Ginseng & Goji-berry Wine (1830)

Recipe for anti-aging, forever young, benefit all vital organs

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Red Ginseng & Goji-berry Wine




Benefit all vital organs to promote energy, memory and clear thinking; prevent aging.


  • Red Ginseng (ren shen) 人參 – 20gm
  • Goji-berries (gou ji zi) 枸杞子 – 350gm
  • Processed Rehmannia Radix (su di)  熟地 - 100gm
  • White Kaoliang wine 高梁酒 - 10000 ml
  • Rock sugar - one spoon

1.   Cut ginseng into thin slices. 

2.   Soak goji-berries for 20 minutes and rinse clean.

3.   Rinse su di and strain. 

4.   Put both herbs in a strainer and run through with boiling hot water and strain.

5.   Put wine in a larger glass bottle with lid. Put herbs in a bag and put into the wine. Add sugar and close lid tightly. Keep the bottle in a dark dry place.

6.   Gently shake the wine bottle once a day. After 15 days, remove the herbs bag and the wine is ready.

Usage: Take wine once or twice a day, with 25 to 50 ml each. Not suitable when having cold/flu.

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