Balancing 6 Vegetables Stir-fry (2112)

Benefits all five organs, balancing yin and yang

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Balancing 6 Vegetables Stir-fry




Benefits all five organs, balancing yin and yang. 


  • Chinese broccoli 芥蘭 – 3 to 4 stem
  • Bitter melon 涼瓜 - half
  • Lotus root 蓮藕 – a small section
  • Carrot 甘筍 – one
  • Fresh mushroom 鮮磨菇 - 6
  • Fresh lily bud 鮮百合 - 2

1.   Wash all ingredients. Cut broccoli stem, bitter melon lotus root, carrot and mushroom into thin slices.

2.   Remove stem of lily bulb to separate petal and cut out any blacken edges.

3.    Heat a spoon of oil in a wok to stir-fry carrot, broccoli, lotus root and bitter melon together. Sprinkle in a spoon of cooking wine and a spoon of water and cook for a few minutes or to desire softness.

4.   Add mushroom to cook for a few more minutes. Add seasoning (salt, sugar, pepper, sesame oil and a little oyster sauce) and mix well.

5.   Mix in lily and add a little corn starch water to finish.


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