Clear Internal Heat Congee (2107)

Clear internal heat to relief pain in teeth and gum

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Clear Internal Heat Congee


Surging internal heat causing gum pain and tooth ache, dry mouth or with bad breathe.


Cooling internal heat and relieve discomfort and pain.


  • Salty lean pork 鹹瘦肉 – 120gm (cut pork into large pieces, rinse, season with 4 to 5 spoons of salt and keep in the fridge over night)
  • Dried mussel 淡菜 – one large handful
  • Rehmannia Radix (sheng di) 大生地 – two large pieces
  • Rice – half cup

1.   Rinse salt off from pork and rinse all other ingredients.

2.   Bring about 5 cups of water to boil in a pot and put in all ingredients. When boil again, turn heat to medium and let it rolling boil for about half an hour until rice become congee.

3.   Remove rehmannia and add a little salt to serve.


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