Steam Egg White and Milk Dessert (1914)

Beauty recipe to detoxify skin

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Steam Egg White and Milk Dessert


Dull skin with freckles or unhealthy looking skin. 


Lower heat and detoxify skin, benefit lungs and stomach, promote vital fluids, moisturize skin and improve complexion. 


  • Egg white - 3
  • Milk - 250gm
  • Organic Cane Sugar – to taste

1.     Put the 3 ingredients in a mixer or beat well with forks or chopsticks until small air bubbles appearing at the top.

2.     Put mixture in a shallow bowl with lid and let it sits for a few minutes so to settle the bubbles.

3.     Boil water in a steamer or a pot or a wok. Turn down to medium heat. Put the bowl in and steam for 20 minutes or until the mixture is set.


Eat regularly as dessert after dinner for best results.  

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