Winter Melon and Job's Tears Soup (1911)

Beauty recipe to release water retention, clear heat and toxin

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Winter Melon and Job's Tears Soup


Dull and dark complexion with puffy eyes and face, coarse skin and constipation, scanty urine.


Relieve dampness and clear away heat, diuretic and improve complexion, invigorate the spleen, improve digestion and benefit blood.


  • Lean pork - 320gm
  • Winter melon 冬瓜 - 1500gm
  • Job's tears (yi yi ren) 薏以仁 - 80gm
  • Citrus peel (chen-pi) 陳皮- one piece (soaked and with white tissue scraped out)

1.     Wash winter melon with skin and cut into big pieces. Remove seeds if desire.

2.     Wash pork and cut into big pieces. Put pork in boiling water to boil for a few minutes, retrieve and rinse.

3.     Rinse job's tears and put all ingredients in a soup pot with about 3 liters of water. Bring to boil, reduce to medium heat and let it simmer for 2 hours (add boiling water if necessary).

4.     Add salt to serve and drink soup only.


Not suitable for people with cold spleen syndrome (with water moving backwards to the mouth from the stomach).


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