Natural and herbal remedy recipes for promoting blood and circulation

Promote Blood Recipes

Blood is one of the most important substances in our body. Blood sustains vital activities and nourishes the body. Therefore, it keeps the function of the tissues, organs and circulation pathway in good order.

When blood is clean, it has oxygen. When it is dirty, it has more waste or carbon dioxide. The condition of blood will determine the function and condition of internal organs. The heart, the spleen, the lungs, the liver, the skin, the muscles, all depends on blood and poor circulation will hinder their health and proper function.

Nutrients from our "food" are digested by the spleen and the stomach. They are then transported to the heart and lungs to turn into red blood cells. Red blood cells are then being sent to the kidney to make bone marrow and blood. This is why blood promoting food is most important in determining the quality of blood that we have.

Blood and Qi

Chinese medicine regards blood as not only necessary for nourishing our body, but also important in the healthy development of our mind. Qi is responsible for circulating blood throughout the body. Blood and qi are closely related. Blood is regarded as the mother of qi, and qi as the general or soldier of blood. When there is blood deficiency, it is generally regarded as the inability of the spleen to provide enough fuel from food to make blood. Typical symptoms are pale complexion, dry skin, dizziness, ringing in the ears, forgetfulness, insomnia and menstrual disorder in women. When blood is stagnant, it is a symbol of weak qi and the inability to move blood around adequately. It can result in sharp and intense pain and the growth of tumor. Blood clots in the brain could be responsible for Alzheimer disease. Too much internal heat will cause too much heat in the blood and will result in emotional problems, skin problems, excessive menstrual bleeding in women, premature gray hair and many other dis-harmonies.

Blood tonic is used to promote the production of more blood in order to cure the various related health problems. They can also be used as beauty tonic because when there is sufficient blood, the skin, the complexion and hair will all get the right nourishment and show vibrant color of good health. It can retard aging and prolong the youthfulness of the body.

The herbs commonly used in blood tonics are ginseng, angelica (dang-gui), processed rehmannia (shu di), sealwort (huang jing), astragalus (huang qi), dried longan fruit and red dates.


Super Foods that have blood-enhancing effect:


Liver meat are warm; sweet & bitter; benefit liver and eyes; do not eat with fish or quail.

Longan fruits

They are neutral; sweet; benefit spleen/stomach, promote blood and calm nerve, treat insomnia & heart palpitation.


Grapes are neutral; sweet; promote qi and blood, diuretic.

Lotus roots

Lotus roots are neutral, sweet, attribute to spleen, kidneys and heart.


Beef is neutral; sweet; attribute to spleen and stomach, promote blood.


They are warm; sweet; attribute to spleen, kidney and spleen, promote energy and blood.


Chicken is warm; sweet; attribute to spleen and stomach; promote blood.


Eel is warm; sweet; attribute to liver, spleen, kidney; strengthen bones.


Egg is cool; sweet; promote blood and yin. 

When you have a feverish cold or flu, it is important that you do not consume blood tonic because it will fortify the evil excess and the sickness will be prolonged and much more difficult to cure. The idea of starving a cold is strictly observed in Chinese medicine.


All Promote Blood Recipes:

Cornbind & Dates Drink (2001)

Promote blood and improve energy

Dang-gui and Egg Tea (2002)

Promote blood recipe, benefit qi

3 Juices Drink (2003)

Promote blood recipe, cool internal heat, stop internal bleeding

Ginseng, Dang-gui and Chicken Soup (2004)

Treat all symptoms of blood and qi deficiency

Black Bean, Herbal Chicken Soup (2005)

Promote blood and energy and strengthen constitution

Mulberry, Peanut and Soybean Soup (2006)

Nourish yin and enrich blood, improve qi and energy

Pig Liver and Chinese Yam Soup (2007)

Treat deficiency of blood and qi,

Modified Borsch Soup (2008)

Promote the production of red blood cells

Lotus Root and Black Bean Soup (2009)

Prevent white hair and losing hair

Chicken, Lily and Mushroom Soup (2010)

Improve blood circulation and complexion

Mutton Carrot Soup (2011)

Improve eyesight and strengthen the body

Ling Chi and Pig Tendons Soup (2012)

Enrich blood and promote blood circulation

Monkey-head Mushroom and Chicken Soup (2013)

Treat general weakness and strengthen immune system

Baked Red Sticky Rice Chicken (2014)

Treat anemia, lack of energy and general weakness

Pig Liver and Cornbind Soup (2015)

Treat lack of energy and frequent dizziness

Astragalus & Angelica Mutton Soup (2016)

Treat general weakness after sickness or after child birth or anemia

Notoginseng and Hemlock Parsley Chicken Soup (2017)

Treat blood deficiency type of headache

Dangshen, Astragalus and Beef Tenderloin Soup (2018)

Treat anemia with pale looking face