Baked Red Sticky Rice Chicken (2014)

Treat anemia, lack of energy and general weakness

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Baked Red Sticky Rice Chicken


Anemia, lack of energy, general weakness, pale looking.


Promote the generation of blood, tonify spleen and lungs, and improve appetite.


  • Red sticky rice - 200gm
  • Young chicken - one
  • Ginger - a few slices
  • Green Onion - 3 to 4 pieces
  • Chinese cooking wine - one spoon

1.     Cook rice with adequate water until soft. Add some oil and salt and set aside.

2.     Wash chicken and towel dry. Rub wines on the inside and outside of chicken and stuff in green onion and ginger.

3.     Paste a thin layer of cooked sticky rice on the surface of the chicken and put the whole chicken in an oven cookware and cover with lid.

4.     Bake with medium high heat for one hour or until the chicken is done. Eat rice and chicken.


Eat once every other day as meal for at least 10 times or until the symptoms have improved. Eat once every month for long term maintenance.

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