Notoginseng and Hemlock Parsley Chicken Soup (2017)

Treat blood deficiency type of headache

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Notoginseng and Hemlock parsley Chicken Soup


Blood deficiency type of headache with long history of pain with periodic upsurge, dizziness and unclear vision, forgetfulness, and poor blood circulation throughout the body.


Promote blood and increase blood flows to the head, clear blood clots and improve circulation and stop pain, tonify blood and qi.


  • Notoginseng (san qi)  三七 - 8gm
  • Hemlock parsley (chuan xiong) 川芎 - 20gm
  • Angelica Sinensis (dang gui) 當歸 - 16gm
  • Goji-berry / Chinese Wolfberry (gou ji zi) 枸杞子 - 20gm
  • Chicken breast - 12gm

1.   Wash chicken and cut into slices.

2.   Rinse herbs and crush notoginseng into smaller pieces.

3.   Put all ingredients in a soup pot with about 2 litres of water and bring to boil.

4.   Reduce heat and simmer for 2 hours to 2 cups of soup left. Add salt to serve.


Not suitable for liver heat migraine with hot sensation, bitterness in the mouth and upsetting temper.

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