Ginseng, Dang-gui and Chicken Soup (2004)

Treat all symptoms of blood and qi deficiency

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Ginseng, Dang-gui and Chicken Soup 


Extreme weakness after long period of sickness; all symptoms of blood and qi deficiency.


Most nutritious tonic to promote blood and qi, improve bodily functions and energy.


  •       Angelica (dang-gui) head 當歸頭- 40gm
  •       Korean ginseng 高麗人參- 16gm
  •       Chicken - one whole (about 2 lb., use black-meat chicken for best effects)
  •       Pitted red dates  紅棗- 4
  •       Ginger 生薑- 2 slices
  1. Wash chicken, cut into halves, remove skin and fat and put in boiling water to rinse for 5 minutes, retrieve and rinse.
  2. Rinse herbs and dates.
  3. Put all ingredients in a casserole with enough hot water to cover the chicken and put on the cover.
  4. Place the casserole on a stainless steel cooling stand inside a pot or a wok with enough hot water at the bottom to reach up to the lower third of the casserole. Cover the pot or wok with lid.
  5. Steam over medium-high heat for 3 hours. Add boiling water to the cooking whenever necessary to maintain the steaming and prevent burning.
  6. Remove and add salt to serve. Drink soup mainly.


Not suitable when having cold, flu or cough. Take regularly as a health tonic.


Bring the soup to a boil in a pot for about 10 minutes and transfer the cooking to a slow cooker and cook for 6 to 8 hours with high heat.

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