Cornbind & Dates Drink (2001)

Promote blood and improve energy

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Cornbind & Dates Drink


Blood deficiency syndrome of recurring dizziness with eyes spinning and ringing in the ears, pale and green complexion, tiredness, insomnia and forgetfulness, lack of appetite and uneasiness.


Enrich blood and improve energy, strengthen bones and tendons, nourish stomach and intestines, tonify heart and lungs.


  • Chinese cornbind (ho shou wu) 何首烏 - 40gm
  • Pitted red date 去核紅棗- 3
  • Organic brown sugar

1.     Rinse herbs and put in a pot with 5 cups of water.

2.     Cook on medium heat until 1 cup of water left.

3.     Add sugar and serve when sugar is melted.

4.     Drink the tea warm.


Once a day for 10 days and then once or twice per week for maintenance.

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