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Children's Health


Keeping children healthy from head to toe and from infant to young adulthood is a big job. The early years are especially eventful and challenging when children are frequently being exposed to childhood infectious illnesses. From early years, the healthy development of the mind and body are equally important. Healthy nutritional foods, adequate exercise, sufficient sleep, proper education and everyday care are all necessary to support their healthy development. But no time is more important than the nine months when they are still inside the mother’s womb because it sets the foundation of their health. Crying babies or children with rashes and skin problems are signs of toxins in their blood which they have received before birth. Therefore, healthy diet and emotion for mothers during pregnancy are vital to children’s health.

After birth, promoting digestive health should be of greatest concern to parents because it is the engine which provides fuel to support growth. It is especially important now with more and more children suffering from food allergies, celiac disease and autism which are all linked to digestive problems.

Food allergies

Food allergies affect up to 6 to 8 percent of children under the age of 3. A food allergy happens when the immune system mistakenly attacks the proteins in a food, causing hives, swollen tongues or lips, dizziness, fainting, and in severe cases, death. Common allergens are eggs, cow's milk, tree nuts and peanuts. Children are more likely to outgrow allergies to milk, egg, or soy than peanuts.

Spring is high time for adult and children who are allergic to pollen. A third of seasonal allergy sufferers may also have oral allergy syndrome. Their immune system sees a similarity between the proteins of pollen and those in some foods, such as apples, cherries, pears, apricots, kiwis, plums, or nuts.  

Food intolerance

Food intolerance, the lack of some components in the digestive system that are needed to digest some foods are also common with children.  Food intolerance is not life-threatening, but it creates discomfort with symptoms including cramping, diarrhea, gas, and bloating. Some food additives can cause rashes or asthma attacks, which can be confused with allergy symptoms.

The most common food intolerance with children is lactose intolerance which is affecting more children than they realized because some are showing only mild symptoms. It is the inability of the body to break down or digests lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk products. It can be due to the lack of lactose enzymes naturally produced by the body or due to problems with today’s commercial milk. Lactose intolerance causes bacteria in the gut to use lactose to form gas which causes bloating, abdominal pain and sometimes diarrhea.

Gluten intolerance

Gluten intolerance or celiac disease is another growing problem with children and adult alike. It happens when the immune system responds abnormally to gluten (found mostly in wheat and grains) by attacking it which causes inflammation to the lining of the intestine. It affects normal absorption of nutrients which is vital for health. This can lead to weight loss and malnutrition.


Autism in children is increasing in alarming rate. As reported in Psychology Today April 23, 2011: "The reason no one has been able to find a specific pathological cause or cure [for autism] is because it is multi-factorial -- it seems that a combination of genetic, environmental, neurological, and inflammatory factors contribute to the development of autism."  Large numbers of studies are confirming the curious link between brain disorders such as autism and gastrointestinal dysfunction. Many autistic children have chronic bowel inflammation and have the vaccine strain of the measles virus in their intestines.

If we examine the diet of children today, it is not difficult to see why they are having all sorts of health problems. Most children are growing up with foods that are highly processed and toxic which are more harmful than good to their health. Baby formulas, instant baby foods, bottled fruit juice, sugary soft drinks, French fries, chips, cereals, baked goods, deli meats, fast foods, candies, commercial dairy products and icy foods and drinks. These foods are loaded with sugar, preservatives, bad fats, food coloring and additives which create highly inflammatory condition in their gut and cause havoc to their health.

If you care about your children's health, you should be giving them nutritious, all natural and whole foods made from scratch from your kitchen. It is the best gift that you can give them because nutritious foods can help them to build up excellent digestive and immune systems for optimal health. Health is priceless and their health totally rely on you.  

Chinese medicine believes kidney health is born with and digestive health is developed after birth. All natural foods with functional properties are commonly used to help children to improve their digestive health, to detoxify and to fight infectious diseases including parasite. Cooling foods are used to help children commonly found to have excessive heat due to eating too much deep-fried foods. Foods for promoting vital fluids are given to children with excessive perspiration which can cause dehydration, energy depletion and higher chance of getting sick.  Mild to moderate superior herbs are commonly used to treat children with severe and acute health problems. Functional foods for nourishing the brain to improve memory and thinking are also used as nutritional support to children during their studying years. 

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All Children Recipes:

Sugar Cane & Water Chestnut Drink (1401)

Alleviate pain during measles

Honeysuckle Tea (1402)

Treat smallpox and detoxify

Chive and Milk Drink (1403)

Treat upsetting stomach and hiccups

The 3-mixed Rice Drink (1404)

Strengthen spleen energy to improve digestion and relieve diarrhea

Winter Melon & Job’s Tears Congee (1405)

Relieve summer heat and fever

Fresh Lily, Walnut and Scallop Stir-fry (1406)

Promote better thinking and memory.

Lotus Leaf and Winter Melon Tea/Soup (1407)

Prevent and treat summer heat syndrome

Two Flowers and Job's Tears Soup (1408)

Treat allergic rhinitis and/or nose bleeding

Barley Malt Vegetable Soup (1409)

Lower summer heat

Herbal Lamb Stomach Soup (1410)

Improve digestive health and stop excessive sweating.

Astragulas, Wheat and Pork Soup (1411)

Prevent and treat abnormal sweating

Longan Fruit, Walnut and Fish Head Soup (1412)

Promote quality sleep, improve mental power and memory,

Walnut and Milk Dessert (1413)

Promote better memory and mental power

Mung Bean Dessert (1414)

Detoxify and lower internal or summer heat