Astragulas, Wheat and Pork Soup (1411)

Prevent and treat abnormal sweating

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Astragulas, Wheat and Pork Soup


Profuse sweating, day and night, results in low energy and general weakness.


Prevent and treat abnormal sweating.


  • Astragalus 黃耆– 20gm
  • Wheat (fu xiao mai) 浮小麥 – 12gm
  • Lean Pork – 200gm
  • Dates -10

1.   Rinse pork and cut into big pieces.

2.   Rinse other ingredients and put all ingredients in a pot with about 6 cups of water. Bring to boil, reduce to medium low heat and cook until one cup of water left.

3.   Add salt to serve. Eat some pork with soup.


No restriction.

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