Sugar Cane & Water Chestnut Drink (1401)

Alleviate pain during measles

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Sugar Cane & Water Chestnut Drink


Skin rashes or measles.


This recipe is to alleviate pain during measles and to expedite the eruption to facilitate permanent cure. This recipe can also be used to detoxify spleen and prevent rashes especially during the spring and summer season. It is recommended to take once a month through out the spring and summer seasons for the whole family.


  • Fresh/Dried Rhizoma Imperatae 鮮茅根 – 60 gm
  • Fresh/dried Reed Rhizoma 鮮蘆根 – 60 gm
  • Carrot – 450 gm
  • Water chestnut – 300 gm
  • Coriander  – 120 gm
  • Sugar cane  – 500 gm

1.   Chop sugar cane into smaller pieces. Cut carrots into thin slices. Wash water chestnuts and crush them open with the back of a knife. Rinse other ingredients.

2.   Put all ingredients in a pot with 12 cups of water (about 3 liters) and cook over medium heat for 1.5 hours to about 3 or 4 cups of water left.

3.   Strain and drink tea only within a day by a few servings.


Continue with this recipe until the measles are drying up. Repeat recipe without coriander until completely cure.    

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