Ginger Milk Dessert (2221)

Reduce acidity of the stomach, ease stomach pain

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Ginger Milk Desert


A bloated feeling of the stomach, choking up with gas and acid, upsetting stomach with vomiting and pain, rejection of food.


Reduce acidity of the stomach, ease stomach pain due to weak digestion and too cold nature of stomach, improve appetite, clear phlegm.


  • Fresh organic milk - 250ml
  • Fresh ginger juice - 20ml
  • sugar – 1 to 2 spoons

1.   Beat ginger juice, milk and sugar with a mixer and put mixture in a shallow bowl with lid.

2.   Place the bow inside a steamer or wok to steam for 30 minutes or until the milk mixture is set. Serve warm.


Eat twice a day, best before breakfast and lunch, on empty stomach. Continue for 10 days as one course of treatment to see result. If necessary, continue for another course for complete cure.

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