Little Red Bean & Job's Tears Congee (2207)

Relieve internal dampness or water retention and lose weight

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Little Red Bean & Job's Tears Congee


Water retention, overweight, weak digestion. People with high pressure lifestyles, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet can develop weaker digestion and wet spleen conditions.


Easy to digest and absorb for improving digestive health, diuretic and relieve internal dampness or water retention, lose weight, benefit heart and promote blood, fight summer heat and high humidity.  


  • Job's Tears (yi yi ren) 薏以仁/薏米 – half cup
  • Red bean 红小豆 – half cup

1.   Soak ingredients for one to two hours and rinse clean.

2.   Put all ingredients in a pot with 5 to 6 cups of water. Bring to boil and lower heat to cook until beans are soft (about 45 minutes).

3.   Add sugar to serve if desire.


No restriction and is suitable for the whole family. It is best use a slow heat cooker or rice cooker with timer to cook overnight (adjust water accordingly) and be ready to eat with breakfast in the morning. It is also easier to cook a batch for 2 to 3 days, keep it in the fridge and warm up the right portion for each use.


Add extra ingredients to treat additional symptoms:

  • Lack of energy - add longan fruit (long yan rou) 龍眼肉
  • Insomnia and acne - add lotus seeds (lien zi) 蓮子and lily bulb (bai he) 百合
  • Lack of appetite & always feel cold - add ginger
  • Weak kidney energy - add black bean 黑豆
  • Water retention in feet - add soy bean 黃豆
  • Cough - add Chinese pear 雪梨
  • Under weight and lack of appetite - add Chinese yam (shan yao) 淮山
  • Diabetes, constipation or diarrhea - add pumpkin 南瓜
  • Weak kidney essence, frequent urination, sexual dysfunction – add fox nut (qian shi) 芡實

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