Steam Calf Liver (2304)

Promote blood and increase energy, benefit eyes

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Steam Calf Liver




Promote blood and increase energy, tonify yin and benefit eyesight, promote good health.


  • Calf liver 牛肝 - 300gm
  • Goji-berry / Chinese wolfberry (gou ji zi)  枸杞子 - 10gm
  • Ginger - 10gm
  • Green onion - 2

1.  Soak goji-berries for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse clean. Rinse and cut ginger and green onion finely into strips.

2.  Wash liver and cut into thin slices. Mix liver with seasoning (cooking wine, salt, pepper and a pinch of corn starch and oil) . Place liver on a steaming plate and mix in ginger, green onion and goji-berries.

3.  Steam liver in a pot or wok for about 15 minutes or until liver is just cooked. 

4.  Add sesame oil to serve with meal.


Not suitable for people with high cholesterol.

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