Natural and herbal remedy recipes for fall to prevent dryness and replenish body fluid

Fall Recipes

Fall is the time when dryness and cooler temperature predominate. It is when your lungs are most vulnerable to attack. Symptoms related to dryness include coughing with sputum, dry nose and throat, dry skin and lips, chest pain and dry stools.

It is important to increase the intake of soothing fluids to balance the effect of external dryness. The cooling temperatures can increase your appetite, especially for meat, but it is important to change gradually from a diet high in vegetables and fruit over summer months to one that is a mix of meat and vegetables so that the digestive system can adjust more easily. In fall, eat less eggplant because they can turn the digestive system sluggish. 

The following super foods are highly recommended to be taken more in fall to counter the dry seasonal effects.

Fresh Lily Bulb

Excellent for moisturizing lungs and is regarded as vegetable ginseng because of its high protein, phosphate, potassium, calcium and rich multivitamin content. 

Red Dates/Jujube

Promote energy, reduce stress of liver, benefit the formation and maintenance of the blood stream, body hormones, bones, muscles, skin, hair, body enzymes and neurotransmitters. 

Sweet Potatoes

High in fiber and nutritional content can help to prevent constipation and adding pounds. 


Goji-berries have many health benefits and can improve immune functions to prevent sickness.


Excellent in lowering heat and moisturizing lungs, prevent cough and clear phlegm.


Moisturizing, strengthen stomach and spleen functions.


All Fall Recipes:


Pear Drink (1201)

Clear cough and phlegm, prevent and heal bronchitis

Sugar Cane & Water Chestnut Drink (1202)

Moisturize internal system and promote vital fluids

Fall Soothing Drink (1203)

Diluting blood to promote better circulation

Mutton Congee (1204)

Strengthen body, promote yin, improve kidney functions

Honeydew Melon Soup (1205)

Moisturize internal systems, promote blood and energy

Star Fruit, Apricot Kernals and Quail Soup (1206)

Cure sore throat and inflammation

Chinese Pear and Quail Soup (1207)

Moisturize respiratory tract and stop coughing

Watercress and Fish Soup (1208)

Moisturize and promote vital fluids

Soybean, Pear and Pork Trotter Soup (1209)

Clear and moisturize lung

American Ginseng and Chicken Soup (1210)

Soothe lung and promote blood

Duck and Dried Fish Maw Soup (1211)

Promote yin, benefit stomach and kidney, improve circulation and appetite.

Deng Shen Mutton Soup (1212)

Promote qi, strengthen body and immune system