American Ginseng and Chicken Soup (1210)

Soothe lung and promote blood

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American Ginseng and Chicken Soup


Lack of energy, easily tired, dry mouth and throat, lack of appetite and profuse perspiration.


Tonify lungs and spleen and promote the generation of blood.

INGREDIENTS: (2 to 3 servings)

  • Chicken - one whole
  • Ginger - 40gm
  • American ginseng 花旗參 - 20gm
  • Pitted red dates 紅棗 - 4

 1.     Wash chicken, cut into halves and remove skin and fat. Put chicken in boiling water to boil for 5 minutes, remove and rinse.

2.     Wash other ingredients and put all ingredients in a pot with adequate water (about 3 liters) and bring to a boil. Remove foam, reduce heat and simmer for 2 to 3 hours to about 3 cups of soup left.

3.     Add salt to serve and drink soup mainly.


Suitable for the whole family. 


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