Pear Drink (1201)

Clear cough and phlegm, prevent and heal bronchitis

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Pear Drink


Cough with phlegm due to lung heat.


Soothe lungs, clear cough and phlegm, prevent and heal bronchitis.


  • Chinese Pear - two
  • Fritillaria (chuan bei mu) 川貝母- 20gm
  • Organic cane sugar - to taste

1.   Wash pear, ciut the top part off to make a lid and remove core in the centre.

2.   Crush the herb into powder and put herbs inside the pears. Put the lid back on and secure with tooth picks. Put pears in a small bowl or casserol, fill water to just cover the pears and add rock sugar. Cover the bowl or casserol with lid.  

3.   Put the bowl or casserole inside a bigger pot or wok with plenty of water at the bottom and a stainless steel stand to hold the bowl or casserol above water. Heat the pot or wok over high heat to double steam  the pears inside the casserole. Continue the cooking for about an hour. Add hot water to the pot or wok periodically to prevent water drying up and burning.

4.   When done, serve straight from the bowl or casserole. Eat pears and drink all the sweet water.


No restriction. Suitable for the whole family.

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