Health Recovery

Natural and herbal remedy recipes for helping the body to recover after sickness

Health Recovery Recipes


Patients coming out of serious sicknesses are usually weak and with low immune resistance. The after sickness treatment should emphasis on eating not too rich or greasy food and easy to digest food. With prolong sickness, the body should also be in extreme yin or cold condition so foods that can expel dampness and cold evils trap inside the body and digestive system are most important.

Foods with high nutritional values such as chicken, beef, livers and fresh fish are good choices to help patients to recover. Herbs of warm and neutral natures such as astralagus, ginseng, red dates, dan sheng and goji-berries are commonly used in health recovery recipes.

Patients with good digestive system can recover faster because nutrients from food can be easily absorbed and distributed to fuel the body's repair and recovery processes. For people with weaker digestive system, they should take the time to start from fluid diet to semi-fluid diet and then finally to normal diet progressively. 

Once health is restored, periodic maintenance of using some nutritional recipes can help the body to secure long term recovery without possible relapse.

There are many recipes that are designed to help people to recover quickly from long illnesses or for nutritional care after surgery. Recipes for promoting blood and qi are also applicable here. Please refer to those headings for more recipes.


Ginger Quell Nausea

Ginger's anti-nausea properties are particularly effective after surgery. Try sucking on paper thin slices of ginger to provide your tummy with a steady soothing dribble.


All Health Recovery Recipes:

Ginseng Milk Congee (2401)

Improve energy

Ginseng, Yam and Chicken Congee (2402)

Promote qi and blood, improve immune system

Dang-shen Red Dates Congee (2403)

Treat chronic fatigue, palpitation, insomnia, poor appetite, chronic diarrhea

Steamed Chicken with Dates (2404)

Promote energy and blood

Fish and Astragalus Soup (2405)

Promotes healing of wounds, invigorates spleen and benefits qi

Wood-ear Mushroom, Peanut and Chicken Soup (2406)

Promote energy, clear stagnation and blood clot

Korean Ginseng, Astragalus & Chicken Soup (2407)

Treat qi and energy deficiency with cold hand and feet

Astragalus, Goji-berries & Pigeon Soup (2408)

Invigorates vital energy and spleen function, enrich blood and speed up healing of wounds

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup (2409)

Promotes blood circulation and restores normal movement of legs

Corn Cob and Cork Tree Bark Soup (2410)

Purge toxic materials, reduce yin deficiency

Chestnut and Pork Hock Soup (2411)

Strengthen kidney and the whole body

Eight Treasures with Pig Stomach Soup (2412)

Improve digestive health, promote blood and qi and balance energy