Dang-shen Red Dates Congee (2403)

Treat chronic fatigue, palpitation, insomnia, poor appetite, chronic diarrhea

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Dang-shen Red Dates Congee


Chronic fatigue, palpitation, insomnia, poor appetite, chronic diarrhea.


Strengthening the spleen, improve digestion and absorbing, nourish blood and increase energy.


  • Dang-shen 黨參 - 10gm
  • Chinese Jujube / Red Date (da zao) 大棗 - 20gm
  • Glutinous rice 糯米 - 250gm
  • Natural sugar - 50gm or to taste

1.   Cook dang-shen and red dates for 45 minutes to obtain 1 cup of herbal tea. Strain and discard herbs.

2.   Return tea to pot, add sugar and cook over low heat for a few minutes. Then keep aside.

3.   Rinse rice and cook it as normal rice with the same amount of water. When done, put rice in a bowl, heat up herbal soup and pour over the rice to serve.


Eat as breakfast, three times a week for two months.

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