Eight Treasures with Pig Stomach Soup (2412)

Improve digestive health, promote blood and qi and balance energy

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Eight Treasures with Pig Stomach Soup


General weakness after pro-long sickness, pale


Improve digestive health, promote blood and qi and balance energy.


  • Angelica Sinensis (dang gui) 當歸 -  6gm
  • Hemlock Parsley (chuan xiong) 川芎 – 6gm
  • White Peony (bai shao) 白芍 – 9gm
  • Processed Rehmannia Radix(su di) 熟地 – 15gm
  • Dangshen 黨參 – 9gm
  • Indian Bread (fu ling) 茯苓 – 9gm
  • Fox Nut (qian shi)芡實 – 30gm
  • Job's Tears (yi yi ren) 生薏米 - 30gm
  • Pig Stomach 豬肚 - one
  • Pork hock 豬展 -180gm
  • Pepper corn 白胡椒 - 15

1.   Wash pig stomach and remove outer layer of fat, then turn the stomach inside out and use salt to rub the inside and rinse. Then use corn starch to rub it again and rinse until clean.

2.    Boil enough water in the soup pot to cook the stomach briefly for about 5 minutes. Add a few spoons of vinegar to the cooking. Discard the water and rinse stomach.

3.    Cut pork into large pieces and put in fresh boiling water to cook for a few minutes, retrieve and rinse.

4.    Rinse herbs. Put all ingredients in the soup pot with 5 to 6 cups of clean water. Bring to a boil, remove foam and reduce heat to simmer for 3 hours.

5.    Add salt to taste. Cut stomach into smaller pieces and eat some with soup.


No restriction. This recipe can also be taken occasionally for sickness prevention and to improve body constitution.

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