Chicken and Foxnut Rice Soup (1610)

Treat nocturnal emission, enuresis and leucorrhagia

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Chicken and Foxnut Rice Soup


Kidney deficiency manifested in nocturnal emission, enuresis and leucorrhagia, lack of energy and weaken qi. 


Benefit kidney to preserve essence, keep heart-fire and kidney-water in balance, improve energy.


  • Dark meat chicken - one whole (480gm)
  • Lotus seed 蓮子- 24gm
  • Foxnut (qian shi) 芡實- 20gm
  • Glutinous rice 糯米 - 8 gm

1.   Wash chicken, remove skin and fat and drain.

2.   Rinse lotus seed, foxnut and rice. Mix them and put them inside the chicken stomach.

3.   Put chicken in a casserole with water covering the chicken. Put on the lid tightly. Use the double-boil method to cook for 2 hours.

4.   Add salt to serve. Eat content with soup.


Eat regularly for best effect. Not suitable for people with flu and excessive heat.


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