Ginseng, Deer Horn and Chicken Soup (1611)

Treat immature ejaculation and impotent

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Ginseng, Deer Horn and Chicken Soup


Weak and lacking qi, cold extremities and frequent urination, sore loin and knees, immature ejaculation and impotent, tired and lack of energy. 


Tonify qi and strengthen yang, warm kidney and improve kidney functions, improve energy and promote blood circulation.


  • Chicken meat (breast or thigh) - 120gm
  • Ginseng (Korean) 人參 - 12gm
  • Nippon horn 鹿茸 - 32gm

1.   Wash chicken and rinse herbs and put them in a casserole.

2.   Add boiling water to cover chicken. Put on lid tightly. 

2.   Use the double-boil method to stem-cook for 3 hours.

3.   Add salt to serve.


Not suitable when having internal heat syndrome, cold or flu.

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