Walnut Mix (1604)

Treat kidney yang deficiency syndrome of impotence

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Walnut Mix


Kidney yang deficiency syndrome of impotence: cold feet, loins and legs, diarrhea before dawn, edema, excessive perspiration, fatigue, frequent urination at night, scanty urine and seminal emission.


Invigorate liver and kidney, a yang tonic to strengthen erection.


  • Eucommia bark (du-zhong) 杜仲 - 15gm
  • Walnuts - 100gm 
  • Rice wine - 3 spoons
  • Brown sugar

1.   Grind eucommia bark into powder. Crush walnuts into small pieces and mix with the powder.

2.   Add two spoons of water to the mixture and steam until cooked.

3.   Add rice wine, mix and steam for  a few more minutes.

4.   Season with brown sugar to serve.


Take one serving per day.

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