Natural and herbal remedy recipes for promoting qi energy

Promote Qi Recipes

Qi is the source of energy and the life force that moves around inside our body. It is invisible like air, but the movement establishes the rhythm of activities. With qi you live; without qi you die. When qi is working properly, your breathing, heartbeat and metabolic rate are all working in accord. When qi is obstructed, or has lost its rhythm or is in stagnation, your body rhythm and functions will be out of synchronization.

Qi deficiency can be a result of a functional decline due to aging. The common symptoms are fatigue, shortness of breath, general weakness and speaking in a low voice. When energy fails to circulate throughout our body and becomes stagnant, it results in pain, swelling, constipation and irritable bowels, etc. Bad diet, stress or external injuries may result in qi stagnation or cause rebellious qi to move upward in the wrong direction.

Qi is the first thing that Chinese medicine works on before treating other symptoms. Likewise in Chinese food therapy, promoting qi is the most common treatment. If qi tonic is consumed at the onset of adverse symptoms, it helps our body to restore its proper rhythm and stops the problem from developing.


Foods that promote qi energy:


Chestnuts are warm; sweet & salty; raise kidney energy, benefit spleen but not suitable for people with weak digestion and wet constitution.


Peanuts are neutral; sweet; benefit spleen & stomach, treat blood deficiency, remove phlegm, benefit lung. Peanut should be eaten regularly in small quantity.

Lotus seed

They are neutral; sweet; strengthen all meridians, benefit stomach and kidney, calming heart and nerve, stop diarrhea.


Lychees are warm; sweet/sour; benefit spleen & liver. Should be eaten in small quantity because too much can become hot and wet in nature.


Dates are neutral; sweet; benefit spleen & stomach.


Coconuts are warm; sweet; benefit spleen & stomach, expel wind, kill pesticides.

Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice are warm; sweet; benefit spleen & stomach.


Beef is warm; sweet; benefit spleen & stomach.


Chicken is warm; sweet; benefit spleen & stomach, promote blood, consume in moderate quantity, not suitable when having cold or headache/red eyes due to too much liver yang.


Quail is neutral; sweet; benefit all five organs. Quail meat/egg is best for people with weak constitution. Quail is regarded as animal ginseng in Chinese food therapy.   

All qi recipes:

Two Ginseng Tea (2601)

Promote energy and qi

Red Dates and Astragalus Tea (2602)

Tonic for qi and blood

Astragalus, Goji-berries and Dates Tea (2603)

Supplementing deficiencies and uplifting yang

Braised Tofu and Wood-Ear Mushroom (2604)

Promote qi and blood and prevent blood clot and cancer

Ginseng, Astragalus and Glutinous Rice Sweet Congee (2605)

Promote energy especially for people with low blood pressure

Ginseng Pigeon Soup (2606)

Mutton, shrimp and Tofu Soup (2607)

Promote blood and qi and improve energy

Dang-gui and Mutton Soup (2608)

Promote blood and fluid circulation, regulate hormones and retard aging

American Ginseng Chicken Soup (2609)

Tonic for qi, promote vital fluids

Notoginseng and Ox-tail Soup (2610)

Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, replenish blood and benefit qi

Astragalus, Chicken and Abalone Soup (2611)

Beef and Dang Shen Soup (2612)

Promote energy and improve strength

American Ginseng Chicken Dumpling (2613)

Replenish qi and energy and lower internal heat

Notoginseng and Pork Soup (2614)

Replenish qi, promote energy and improve general health

Coconut, Goji-berries and Chicken Soup (2615)

Benefit liver and kidney qi

Pumpkin and Corn Soup (2616)

Benefit heart and spleen, promote qi and vital fluid