Buddhist Delight (1711)

Improve body strength, benefit mental functions, improve digestion

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Buddhist Delight




Improve body strength, benefit mental functions, improve digestion, promote strong bones


  • Kidney beans – 240 gm
  • shiitake mushroom – 120 gm (pre-soaked if dry)
  • walnut – 160 gm
  • wolf-berries – 40 gm
  • Shanghai cabbage – 320 gm
  • soy beans – 160 gm

1.   Rinse soy beans and soak for 3 to 4 hours (best overnight). Soak walnut for an hour. Soak wolf-berries for 20 minutes.

2.   Wash cabbage and cut into small pieces.

3.   Stir-fry soy beans and cabbage slightly and cook in water for one hour to make a soup base.

4.   Blanch walnut in boiling water twice to get rid of coarse taste.

5.   Cook kidney beans in water until soft and strain.

6.   Cut mushroom into thin slices. Stir-fry mushroom and walnut and braised with cabbage soup base for 30 minutes or until soft. Add in kidney beans and wolf berries to cook for another 5 to 10 minutes.

7.   Add seasoning to taste and serve. 


No restriction.


Cook all ingredients in adequate water for over one hour to cook into a stew.

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