Cornbind Chicken Soup (1742)

Treat liver deficiency leading to dizziness, insomnia.

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Cornbind Chicken Soup


Blood, kidney and liver deficiency leading to dizziness, insomnia.


Tonify kidney and liver, promote production of blood.


  • Chicken - one whole
  • Cornbind (ho shou wu) 何首烏- 30gm
  • Ginger - 2 slices

1.   Wash chicken with salt inside and outside. Remove skin and obvious fat, rinse and towel dry.

2.   Rinse herb, put inside a cooking bag and crush herbs inside to smaller pieces.

3.   Put herb bag inside the stomach of chicken together with ginger. Put chicken inside a cassrole and add water to cover chicken. Cover with lid and put inside a steamer or wok to steam cook for 2 hours using the double-boil method.

4.  When done, remove herb bag, add seasoning (salt and cooking wine) to serve. Eat somemeat with soup. 


No restriction.

Alternative Method:

Cook in soup pot with slow simmering with water just covering the whole chicken for 2 hours.

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