Steamed Gastrodia Egg (1718)

Treat dizziness and migraine headache

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Steamed Gastrodia Egg


Dizziness, migraine headache, numbness of extremities, general fatigue, high blood pressure


Calm liver wind, expel wind and alleviate pain, calm nerve.


  • Gastrodia Elata (tien ma) 天麻 – 15gm
  • Egg – two
  • Ginger juice – one teaspoon
  • Sugar to taste

1.   Rinse tien ma and put in a small bow with one cup of water and soak for an hour (cover with lid).

2.   Pour out the tien ma water into another bowl and mix in two eggs. Add in a pinch of sugar and beat egg until smooth. Pour egg mixture through a sieve back into the bowl with tien ma. Cover with lid.

3.   Steam over medium heat for about 15 to 20 minutes until egg is set.

4.   Eat all tin ma with egg.


Take once everyday (before meal) for severe cases or once every other day. Follow by  twice a week when becoming better and once a month for maintenance.

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