Leek Juice, Ginger Juice and Milk (1706)

Difficulty in swallowing food

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Leek Juice, Ginger Juice and Milk


Difficulty in swallowing food.


Tonify spleen and stomach, promote downward movement of energy, improve appetite, and promote vital fluids.


  • Leek juice 韮菜汁 - 120gm
  • Ginger juice - 60gm
  • Milk - 180gm

1.   Use a juicer to extract juice from leek and ginger.

2.   Boil milk in a saucepan and remove when boiled.

3.   Mix in leek juice and ginger juice and serve.

4.   Drink all by one serving.


One or two servings should be able to solve the problem.

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