Liver and Chrysanthemum Soup (1741)

Improve eyesight and promote blood generation

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Liver and Chrysanthemum Soup


Liver heat syndrome leading to headache, dizziness, painful eyes and unclear vision, dry mouth and always thirsty.


clear liver heat and tonify liver yin, improve eyesight and promote blood generation, brighten eyes.


  • Pork liver - 120gm
  • Chrysanthemum flower (white) 白菊花- 10

1.   Wash liver and cut into thin slices. Add seasoning (salt, sugar, cooking wine, white pepper, soy sauce, etc.) and marinate for 10 minites.

2.   Wash chrysanthemum. Cook adequate water in a saucepan and put liver in when boil. Add chrysanthemum petals and reduce heat to medium. Cook for a few minutes or until liver is just cooked.

3.   Add seasoning to serve.  


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