Onion Red Wine (1710)

Treat osteoporosis, high blood sugar and high blood pressure

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Onion Red Wine


Osteoporosis, high blood sugar, high blood pressure.


Lower blood pressure and blood sugar, improve eyesight, reduce frequent urination at night, promote better sleep, build strong bones, relieve bloating and constipation.


  • Onion 洋蔥 - 2 to 3
  • Red wine 紅葡萄酒 - 500 ml

1.   Remove onion skin, rinse and cut each onion into small wedges.

2.   Put onion in a large glass bottle and fill in red wine. Cover with lid and keep it in dark cupboard.

3.   The wine is ready in one week. Separate wine and onion and keep separately in a fridge.


Take wine once or twice a day, each time 20ml to 50ml and eat some onion with wine for best result.

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