Partridge and Fish Maw Soup (1732)

Treat upsetting stomach qi in the morning

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Partridge and Fish Maw Soup


Weak constitution, upsetting stomach qi in the morning.


Clear phlegm, warm stomach, and improve energy and complexion.


  • Partridge 鷓鴣 - one
  • Fish maw 花膠- 20gm
  • American ginseng 花旗參 - 20gm
  • Ginger - 2 slices

1.   Soak fish maw until soft (a couple of hours), rinse with warm water and cut into thin strips.

2.   Wash partridge, cut into halves, remove internal organs, skins and obvious fat.

3.   Put fish maw and partridge in boiling water to boil for a few minutes, retrieve and rinse.

4.   Rinse ginseng.

5.   Put all ingredients in a soup pot with about 2.5 litres of water. Bring to a boil, remove foam and reduce heat to simmer for 3 hours with about 2 cups of water left.

6.   Add salt to serve. Eat content with soup.


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