Pork Liver and Chrysanthemum Soup (1005)

Tonic for liver and clear heat, promote blood and benefit yin

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Pork Liver and Chrysanthemum Soup


Unclear vision, heaviness in the lower chest, dry mouth with bitter taste, dry and dull hair, troubled mind and losing sleep due to deficient liver blood.


Tonic for liver, clear heat, promote blood and benefit yin, moisturize skin and improve complexion.


  • Lean pork - 120gm
  • Pork liver - 120gm
  • Chinese Chrysanthemum flower 菊花 - white (fresh) - 10, (dried) - 15gm
  • Rehmannia (sheng di) 生地 - 30gm
  • Shiny asparagus (tien men dung) 天門冬 - 15gm
  • Citrus peel (chen-pi) 陳皮 (pre-soaked and with white tissue removed) - one piece 

1.    Rinse rehmannia and cut into small pieces.

2.    Rinse other herbs and put all herbs in a pot with about 4 cups of water and cook for 30 minutes to 2 cups of water left.

3.    Wash pork and liver and cut into pieces and add to the cooking for about 5 minutes. .

4.    Rinse the fresh chrysanthemum flowers, remove petals and add to the soup.

5.    Add salt to serve. 


Not suitable when having excessive dampness syndrome.

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