Mushroom, Tofu & Spinach Stir-fry (2708)

Provide balanced nutrition and promote faster passing of food

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Mushroom, Tofu & Spinach Stir-fry


Over weight.


Provide balanced nutrition and promote faster passing of food.


  • Fresh mushroom - 8
  • Firm Tofu – 2 pieces
  • Spinach – 100 gm
  • Chicken stock – 1/2 cup
  • Minced ginger - one spoon
  • Minced garlic - one spoon

1.   Rinse and cut tofu horizontally into halves and sprinkle with cornstarch on both sides.

2.   Rinse and cut mushroom into halves.

3.   Rinse and cut spinach into sections.

4.   Pan-fried tofu with little oil until slightly brown on both sides and keep aside

5.   Blanch spinach in boiling water with salt and little oil for a few minutes, retrieve and put on serving plate.

6.   Stir-fry mushroom with minced garlic and minced ginger for a few minutes, sprinkle in cooking wine, chicken stock and half spoon of oyster sauce to cook for a few minutes.

7.   Add in tofu and cook for a couple of minutes and put them on top of spinach to serve. 


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