Winter Melon and Job's Tears Drink (2706)

Treat overweight with damp heat syndrome

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Winter Melon and Job's Tears Drink


Overweight with damp heat syndrome.


Relieve dampness and clear heat, diuretic, relieve constipation, improve complexion, invigorate spleen, improve digestion and benefit blood.


  • Winter melon 冬瓜- 2000gm
  • Job's tears (yi yi ren) 薏以仁 - 80gm

1.   Wash winter melon with skin and seeds and cut into big pieces.

2.   Cook with job’s tears with 2 to 3 litres of water for about 2 hours.

3.   Drink tea and eat melon.


Not suitable for people with cold spleen syndrome (acid reflex).


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