Black Beans Congee (1302)

Promote kidney health.

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Black Bean Congee





Promote kidney health.


  • Black bean 黑豆 – 2 spoons
  • Little red bean 紅小豆 – one spoon
  • Chinese Yam (shan yao) 山藥 – 30gm
  • Goji-berry / Chinese Wolfberry (gou ji zi) 枸杞子 – 10 to 20
  • Rice – half cup

1.   Soak beans and yam for 2 hours and rinse.

2.   Soak goji-berry for 30 minutes and rinse.

3.   Rinse rice. Bring 4 cups of water in a pot to a boil and put in all ingredients. When boil again, lower heat to medium and cook for about 45 minutes or until beans are soft. Add water to the cooking if necessary.


No limitation. Eat in the evening with dinner for best result.


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