Natural and herbal remedy recipes for promoting health in summer

Summer Recipes


The excessive heat and humidity in summer can affect our health in many ways. It can cause the loss of body fluid and energy with profuse perspiration and can weaken our appetite. Drinking too much fluid to fight summer heat can dilate digestive enzymes which can lead to indigestion.

Extreme heat can lead to heat stroke with symptoms such as fainting, spasm and fatigue. It is important not to over-expose oneself to the immense heat. Drinking excessive ice cold drinks can further damage the spleen system and cause food and energy stagnation. Eating seasonal vegetables such as winter melon and citrus fruits to quench thirst, to promote digestion and to expel heat and dampness is most beneficial to health. It is also important to eat food that can improve appetite, promote digestion and benefit spleen functions. Oily and heavy meat dishes should be avoided because they will cause indigestion.   


Potassium is the most important mineral of all which is necessary for good health. Potassium's main function is to promote cell tissue and growth. Our body needs to replace dead cells and tissue every day. There is no better source of potassium than vinegar---particularly natural apple cider vinegar. It is probably the best and cheapest agent to detoxify our body. As such, it should be considered as a critical component to the fountain of youth!

In summer months: add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to a quart of water. Drink this on a hot summer day, especially before working out. Your body will feel very clean. In winter months: 2 TBLS of apple cider vinegar in a mug filled with hot water 3 times a day.


Eating pear after meal/BBQ.

Seoul National University of Medicine Division of Preventive Medicine research team led by Professor Yang Meixi in September 2010 released a report saying that eating a pear after meal can discharge a lot of carcinogenic substances accumulated in the human body.

Survey result indicates that smoking or eating grilled & roasted meat, the carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the body will be significantly lower after eating a pear. Result of the findings indicated that heated pear juice contains a lot more anti-cancer substances - Polyphenol.


All Summer Recipes:

Fresh Imperata Root and Sugar Cane Drink (1101)

Clear heat and promote fluid

Water Squash Tea (1102)

Relieve internal heat, diuretic and anti-inflammatory

Three Roots and Three Flowers Tea (1103)

Relieve internal heat, diuretic, detoxify and anti-inflammatory

Cooling & Detoxification Tea (1104)

Clear heat and toxic material

The Five Flowers Tea (1105)

Clear heat and toxic material,

Lotus Leaves Winter Melon Tea (1106)

Prevent summer heat stroke or flu of wind-heat type

Corn Silk and Jobs's Tears Drink (1107)

Cool down internal heat, diuretic to clear internal dampness

Water Squash Pancake (1108)

Relieve heat and internal dampness, and promote energy

Bitter Melon Stir-fry (1109)

Detoxifying and clear internal heat

Celery, Water Chestnut and Fresh Lily Bulb Salad (1110)

Lower heat and promote vital fluid

Ginger and Sour Mustard Stem Fried Rice (1111)

Promote perspiration and improve appetite.

Job’s Tears Pork Bone Congee (1112)

Get rid of excessive dampness in the body during summer months

Mustard Green Soup (1113)

Clear internal heat and relief constipation

Mung Bean and Hollow Vegetable Soup (1114)

Clear summer heat, diuretic and detoxify

Bitter Melon and Pork Rib Soup (1115)

Relieve summer heat and detoxify

Astragalus, Wheat and Pork Soup (1116)

Stop spontaneous perspiration and night sweat,

Coconut Chicken Soup (1117)

Promote vital fluids and benefit spleen

Oyster Shell Chicken Soup (1118)

Control profuse perspiration

American Ginseng and Pork Soup (1119)

Promote vital fluid and energy.

See Qua and Pork Liver Soup (1120)

Clear heat and detoxify skin, promote blood circulation

Winter Melon and Duck Soup (1121)

Diuretic and clear summer heat

Carrots and Pork/ Beef Soup (1122)

Clear heat and detoxify

Water Melon & Pork Soup (1123)

Moisturize skin, improve complexion

Four Treasures and Sticky Rice Dessert (1124)

Clear summer heat and promote health

Ginkgo and Water Chestnut Dessert (1125)

Clear internal heat and detox

Mung Bean and Kelp Dessert (1126)

Clear heat and detoxify skin