Ginkgo and Water Chestnut Dessert (1125)

Clear internal heat and detox

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Ginkgo and Water Chestnut Dessert


All symptoms of internal heat such as dry mouth and throat, itchy eyes, always thirsty and scanty yellowish urine.


Clear internal heat and toxic materials, diuresis, lower blood pressure and moisturize internal systems.


  • Ginkgo (ying xing) 銀杏/白果 - 20
  • Water chestnut 馬蹄 - 15
  • Egg - 2
  • Organic sugar

1.     Wash and peel water chestnut and cut into small slices.

2.     Remove shell of ginkgo, split and remove membrane and white core.

3.     Cook water chestnut and ginkgo over medium low heat in 4 cups of water for 2 hours to 1.5 cup of water left.

4.     Beat eggs and add to the soup and stir slowly.

5.     Add sugar to taste and serve.


Not suitable for people with cold constitution.

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