Mung Bean and Kelp Dessert (1126)

Clear heat and detoxify skin

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Mung Bean and Kelp Desert


Excessive summer heat causing skin eruption, constipation and hemorrhoids.


Clear heat and detoxify skin, promote bowel movements and improve vital fluids, lower blood pressure and cure acne and skin problems.


  • Kelp 海帶- 40gm
  • Mung bean 綠豆- 40gm
  • Brown sugar

1.     Soak kelp until soft, rinse well to remove salt and sand, and cut into small strips. Rinse mung beans.

2.     Put the two ingredients in sufficient water (about 3 cups) and boil over medium heat for about 30 minutes or until mung beans are soft and the soup is thick with about 1 cup of water left.

3.     Add sugar to taste.

4.     Serve warm or cold as desert. 


Do not take continuously for more than a few days because of extreme cool nature. For immediate relief, take twice in a row and then once more after a few days. Can be taken once in a while for regulating excessive heat from the climate or diet. It is suitable for the whole family. Not recommended when taking other rejuvenating or yang tonics because it counteracts the warming effects.

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