Lotus Leaves Winter Melon Tea (1106)

Prevent summer heat stroke or flu of wind-heat type

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Lotus Leaves Winter Melon Tea


Profuse sweating, constant thirsts, scanty urine, lack of appetite, dizziness and tiredness.


Prevent summer heat stroke or flu of wind-heat type, diuretic, clear internal heat and dampness, tonify liver, spleen and stomach.


  • Fresh or dried lotus leaf  蓮葉 - one piece
  • Mung bean 綠豆 - 30gm
  • Broad bean 扁豆 - 30gm
  • Job's tears (raw and toasted) 生熟薏米 - 15gm each
  • Winter melon 冬瓜 - 960gm

1.     Cut lotus leaf into 4 pieces and rinse.

2.     Rinse beans and job tears and crush job tears into smaller pieces.

3.     Wash and cut winter melon into chunky pieces with skin.

4.     Put everything in a pot with plenty of water (about 3 liters). Cook over medium heat for up to 3 hours.

5.     Add salt to taste and drink soup after cooling down.

6.     Keep remaining soup refrigerated and drink throughout the day.


Suitable for the whole family as regular summer drink. Use continuously for up to 3 days to see complete recovery.

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