Fresh Imperata Root and Sugar Cane Drink (1101)

Clear heat and promote fluid

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Fresh Imperata Root and Sugar Cane Tea


Gasping air, thirst, nosebleed, yellowish sweat, and scanty urine.


Cool blood and stop bleeding, clear heat, diurectic, promote internal fluids.

INGREDIENTS:  (3 T 4 cups)

  • Fresh imperata root (bai mao gen) 白茅根- 30gm or dried 20gm
  • Sugar cane - 800gm

1.     Chop sugar cane into sections and cut through each section vertically into halves.

2.     Wash imperata root and put them in a big pot with 4 litres of water.

3.     Cook over medium heat to about 3 to 4 cups of water left.

4.     Strain and serve tea warm or cold.


Take tea throughout the day and repeat for a few days until the problem is gone. No restriction.


Add about 10 water chestnuts with skin (slightly crush) and two carrots (cut into rough pieces) to the cooking to make a cooling summer drinks for the whole family and especially for children eating too much heaty foods such as chips and deep-fried foods. 

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